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Flex Fuel Finder
“Being a leader and not a follower, we believe in consumer choice,” said Glenn Badenhop, President and CEO of American Freedom Energy.  “By offering E15, E20, E30, E40, this sets us apart from other stations, but also helps our local economies, helps the environment, and helps reduce our addiction to foreign oil. Alternative fuels are the future. Additionally, E15 Can be used in 80% of the vehicles on the road today.”
- Glenn Badenhop, Owner of American Freedom Energy, Liberty Center, Ohio

P.O.P. Program

Point of Purchase Materials

Most retailers installing flex pumps and selling higher blends of ethanol have found that there is pent-up demand in their markets for this renewable fuel. In this section, we’ll provide you with the tools and marketing expertise to call attention to higher blends of ethanol at various points of purchase within your retail environment.

Please review the examples below. If you would like to learn more about available P.O.P. options for your store(s), please contact us.

E10 Pump Decals

Identify your fuel types with American Ethanol branded pump decals. Nebraska example shown.

Available states include Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri and Minneapolis.


Employee Resource FFV list

Browse a list of Flex Fuel Vehicles. Vehicles indicated in this document are compatible with mid- and high-level blends of ethanol. From E0 to E85, these vehicles are equiped to handle ethanol blended fuel with ease.


Employee Reference FAQ

This briefing serves as a guide for general questions about ethanol. To learn more, suggest your customers check out or


Pump Toppers

Reminding your customers of the benefits of higher ethanol blends while they are at the pump is a good way to begin building demand and also reinforcing the choice of higher blends for those customers already using them.



Curbside Signs

Offering higher blends of ethanol can be a unique selling point for your business. Why not reinforce this difference to prospective customers as they drive by your location(s)?




Nozzle Talkers

Another simple way to reinforce the right purchase decision is to provide a higher blend message right in your customer's hand.




Pump Decals

Pump decals are also a simple, economical way to reinforce positive messages about the higher blends you make available to your customers.