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What Retailers have to say about higher blends of ethanol

Higher blends of ethanol provide a serious boost to your profits. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what retailers like you have to say.

"I'm a strong supporter of Ethanol Blends including E15.   Having different blends at our locations has enabled the consumer to use various amounts of ethanol that they are comfortable with.   we strive for customer satisfaction.  By offering e30,E50,E85 our customers can choose the amount of ethanol that works best for them.   We have not had any complaints thus far on any of the ethanol blends."

- Jerald Ignash, Owner of Ignash Petroleum, Caseville, Michigan

“We initially installed the pumps to broaden our supply chain to include biofuels. Blending dispensers allow us the flexibility to deliver a full array of biofuels to our customers. Our community has been positive and embraced our efforts to bring renewable fuels to them. It starts with us. Once you’ve explained the benefits of ethanol and dispelled the myths, you have a customer for life. By using alternative fuels we are creating more local jobs, supporting our local communities, securing our energy independence and impacting our environment more positively. Ethanol is greener, cleaner and burns clearer."

- Scott Zaremba, President and CEO of Zarco USA. Lawrence, Kansas

“Being a leader and not a follower, we believe in consumer choice,” said Glenn Badenhop, President and CEO of American Freedom Energy.  “By offering E15, E20, E30, E40, this sets us apart from other stations, but also helps our local economies, helps the environment, and helps reduce our addiction to foreign oil. Alternative fuels are the future. Additionally, E15 Can be used in 80% of the vehicles on the road today.”

- Glenn Badenhop, Owner of American Freedom Energy, Liberty Center, Ohio

"We have customers very excited about our adding E15. As soon as they heard we were adding higher blends of ethanol they started walking in the door of our store asking when the new products will be available. We've only been offering E15 for about three weeks but business has been very good for us."

- Rose Ann Seutter, Owner Glen’s One Stop, Minnetonka, MN

"My business has been selling E15 for 16 months and we have had zero mis-fuelings and zero issues with customer vehicles related to using E15.   The customers that are using E15 have noticed no mileage loss,  same engine performance.,  and savings at the pump.  It's a win-win for the consumer, the retailer and the environment."

- Joel Hennen, President and Owner of Hennen’s Auto Service, Shakopee, MN

"Offering E15 as a fuel choice has proved to be a beneficial business decision. E15 sales are increasing every month as we educate the public on the benefits and cost savings that go along with it.  Most of our customers that try E15 come back for more. Even the  ASE Certified technicians in our shop are running E15 in their cars and trucks. To date we have not received a single complaint about the fuel or it's performance. The consumer leaves feeling good about their savings and their part in keeping our air a little cleaner."

- Katie Fleming, Owner of Fleming’s Minnoco, Maplewood, MN

"MFA Oil has sold higher blends of ethanol for more than a decade. Most of our customers realize that by making the decision to purchase a higher blend of ethanol they are supporting a domestically grown and refined product."

- Tom May, Director of Employee and Public Relations for MFA Oil

“E15 is approved for vehicles 2001 and newer and we’ve had zero problems, in fact my customers love the cost savings and extra performance. If your mechanic ever tells you that ethanol causes problems, fire them because they are too lazy to find the real problem."

- Jerry Charmoli, Minnoco Owner, Coon Rapids, MN & AAA Mechanic

“E15 has given Minnesota consumers an additional choice of gasoline at a lower price while increasing the overall volume of product sold at the retail site.  Minnesota consumers welcome the new opportunity for a cheaper alternative to gasoline as there have been very little complaints or mis-fueling of E15 leaving an overall refreshing experience for everyone."

- Lance Klatt, Executive Director of Minnesota Service Station Association