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What Retailers have to say about higher blends of ethanol

Higher blends of ethanol provide a serious boost to your profits. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what retailers like you have to say.

"We’ve been avid supporters of ethanol since the 70's and we have been selling ethanol-enhanced gas for over 40 years. Several years ago, we put in E85 and in 2008 we decided to offer more choices at the pump by installing blenders that offer E20, E30, E40 and E85. We want to support the organizations that support us and that's why we believe in the mission of
Growth Energy."

- Ken Kornkven, Manager of Farmers Union Oil, Portland, North Dakota

"It starts with us. Once you’ve explained the benefits of ethanol and dispelled the myths, you have a customer for life. By using alternative fuels we are creating more local jobs, supporting our local communities, securing our energy independence and impacting our environment more positively. Ethanol is greener, cleaner and burns clearer."

- Scott Zaremba, President and CEO of Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels. Lawrence, Kansas

“One of the main reasons we decided to install blender pumps was because we have several dealers that sell E85. We also wanted to take advantage of the South Dakota state incentives for promoting mid-level blends, along with selling a local, renewable product. It felt like now is a good time to take advantage of the opportunity.”

- Rudy Gerstner, Owner and Operator of Gerstner Oil Company, Yankton, South Dakota

“We want to support the farmers who are growing this product. We are located relatively close to an ethanol plant, so blender pumps are a great way to support our local communities. Our customers were looking for more choices and now that they have them, they appreciate
those choices.”

- Harry Mewherter, Manager of Duel County Cenex, Clearwater, South Dakota

“The initial reason the blender pump was installed is because the cooperative was looking at offering something unique to consumers, more choices than just E10. Because there were no stations in Reno County that offered mid-level blends, the cooperative decided to install the blender pump. Ethanol is clean, green and our dollars stay right here. It’s better for our environment and every other aspect. We need to get out there and dispel some of these myths to change the public views of those who lack knowledge.”

- Gordon Roth, Petroleum Manager, Hutchinson Cooperative, Nickerson, Kansas

“Not having been in the fuel retailing business before this, I didn’t realize that margins were so tight on gasoline. I’m actually selling regular unleaded right now for a couple of cents less than what I pay for it. But with both E30 and E85, I’m able to make about 20 cents per gallon because I can buy it at such a discounted price.

"I wanted to focus on the farmers, because we have a strong allegiance of fuel – we convert it into energy, and it's homegrown – our local communities support this. Of course, because we’re in a farming community, people try to use the corn they grow. They know that the more gallons of ethanol they burn in their cars and trucks, the less we’re going to be dependent on foreign oil."

- David Miller, Ethy Pump-n-Go, Portland, Indiana

“We have really picked up a lot of business since the blender pump was installed. I’m pumping about 2,800 gallons of ethanol each week, and the margins on that are far better than
regular gasoline."

- Timothy Newton, Newton’s Service & Parts, Columbiana, Ohio

“We initially installed the pumps to broaden our supply chain to include biofuels. Blending dispensers allow us the flexibility to deliver a full array of biofuels to our customers. Our community has been positive and embraced our efforts to bring renewable fuels to them.”

- Scott Zaremba, President and CEO of Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels, Lawrence, Kansas

“I knew that once people realized the benefits of ethanol and that they had choices at the pump, they would get excited about the product. I now have hundreds of new customers, and revenue and profits have increased significantly. Today, I get between 10 and 20 cents profit margin across my various blends.”

- Bruce Vollan, Midway Services, Inc., Baltic, South Dakota